How Long Will Commercial Painting Last?

Painting for commercial buildings requires additional skill and technical know-how than for residential buildings. Wondering about durability is certainly a legitimate concern as you have most likely invested thousands of dollars on the painting of your commercial building. Durability is determined by several factors such as location, weather, type of paint, type of surface, and surface preparation before painting.

Exterior painting requires more attention as it is most exposed to elements of the weather. Although we cannot consider interior and exterior painting in isolation, it may be safe to say loosely that all things being equal, exterior commercial painting is expected to last 5-10 years compared to interior painting which should last about 10-12 years.

The climate in Houston Texas, is typically wet and stormy much of the year. Lots of rain and thunderstorms typically mean moisture build-up under the paint layer, leading to bubbling and eventual cracking, as well as quicker fading of exterior paint. All of these factors shorten the lifespan of the paint.

Other factors to consider include giving the surface a good power washing to eliminate current bubbles and paint cracks in readiness for a new coat. Proper surface preparation processes such as caulking, scraping, and sanding also create the best basis for a long-lasting results. Premium quality paint also makes the difference when durability is a priority. Therefore, with all these factors in preparation work together at their best, your exterior paint job should take you safely through a decade.

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